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Our women speakers range from start up

entrepreneurs , women making a social

impact to professionals  from global firms.

These webinars in turn go to educate and 

broaden the horizon of our girl  audiences in developing countries in Africa & Central Asia.

The topics covered tends to be related to 

leadership , empowerment , social media 

marketing and digital. Some of our audiences call this - "The LifeSkill mini MBA Program."





SpunkGo LifeSkill

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Empowering Women in Africa by imparting LifeSkills

          Sat , 26th Sept 2020 , 4pm Nairobi
Hear from Assia Riccio , Founder of Evolvin' Women. Her organization has imparted training to women in various countries in Africa , which in turn has led them to find job opportunities in the hotel industry in Dubai. Over 5000 families have been positively impacted by Evolvin' Women.

Doing Good

We  are  an  all   girls  community  of  students

based  across  20  locations   worldwide ,  who strive to do good using our social media skills.

We organize LifeSkill  webinars  on  leadership , empowerment , social  media  marketing and digital     which   are    attended   by   girls   in developing countries in Africa &  Central Asia. Our speakers are  women  entrepreneurs and successful professionals from around the world.


We  also design websites  and social media / SEO  strategies  for   start  up's  & businesses .  All proceeds  we  generate ,  go  to  charities we support in Kenya, India & the UAE.

To    give   us   a    project ,  attend  our   FREE webinar  , volunteer as a speaker  or   become  a   Student   Ambassador  ,  register  with    us TODAY.

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