Local activities undertaken by SpunkGo chapters

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August 2021
Big shout out to Tell A Story Foundation Uganda for their article on SpunkGo and our founder Netra Venkatesh. Thank you.
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July 2021
The SpunkGirls of our Uganda chapter organized a digital Read-A-Thon for school children in a refugee camp in collaboration with the Simbi Foundation (www.simbifoundation.org/read-a-thon) . Book readings were added to the digital library which can then be accessed by school children at digital labs called BrightBoxes. Congratulation to our chapter leaders Hilda , Malaika and Noreen for top spots in the Read-A-Thon. A big thank you to Resty Magezi who is the Partnership & Fundraising Coordinator for Simbi's Uganda operations. If you want to join the Read-a-Thon, contact rest.k@simbifoundation.org
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June 2021
SpunkGo member Saron Abraham conducts a workshop on leadership and entrepreneurship in Kampala. She is working to be a Life 
coach. Lovely initiative by Saron.
June 2021
SpunkGo's is delighted to have been short listed for HSBC's NextGen10 Program. The program chosen as the finalists will be showcased at the EXPO in Dubai in Q4 2021
May 2021
SpunkGo's member Penina Ndaki from Tanzania has conducted a fundraising program to help children of SATINO which is an organization that provides education to children that cannot afford to pay for schooling. Well done Penina.
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May 2021
SpunkGo's Founder, Netra Venkatesh was the youngest panelist at the 24hour Global Women's Summit. You make us proud Netra !
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May 2021
Tree planning activity towards contribution to the 35million trees program - Kenya Chapter
Well done Lillian .

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April 2021
A student outreach program was conducted by the  Uganda Chapter in coordination with the Youth Chaperon Uganda. Nice work by our SpunkGo leader Mutesi. 
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March 2021
SpunkGo's Founder, Netra Venkatesh was the featured in Humans_of_entrepreneurship
Congratulation to the whole SpunkGo team !
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Feb 2021
Student outreach program - Kenya Chapter