What can a SpunkGo Student Leader do. 
  • Represent SpunkGo in their country and mention "Member of SpunkGo Leaders Program" on their profile/CVs 
  • Generate interest amongst students in your country to attend SpunkGo webinars
  • Identify potential speakers for webinars & volunteer to host a Zoom webinar
  • Try to get start ups to use SpunkGo for their website designing and social marketing
  • Be the local contact with the charities we support
  • Use the opportunity to become community leaders and learn about social media marketing themselves. Share their personal initiatives with other Leaders
  • Interact with other SpunkGo School Leaders in your country and  around the world and build a network of friends 
  • You get a SpunkGo Leader certificate when you attend 6 educational webinars personally
If you have the passion ... its a great opportunity.
No other prerequisite required
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
SpunkGo is not a charity and does not accept any donations. Both individuals wanting to donate and firms that we assist with websites or marketing strategies are encouraged to donate directly to the concerned charity